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5 Things Everyone Gets Wrong When Moving


5 Things Everyone Gets Wrong When Moving

When it comes to moving, some mistakes seem to be nearly universal. While most people are going to make mistakes along the way when tackling a big move, some mistakes can add to the frustration of the process. Before you start your move, make sure you avoid these five things that everyone gets wrong.

1. Failing to Pack Smart

Packing your items is more than just putting everything into a box. You need to think about the packing process to ensure that your move goes off without a hitch. For example, many homeowners make the mistake of packing heavy items in the largest box. However, if you put other items in the box with the heavy things, you’re going to struggle to lift it. The heavier the item, the smaller the box needs to be. So if you have a library of books, get several small boxes to stash them in, and save the big boxes for your linens.

Similarly, don’t forget to pack your most important items in a clearly marked box. It will take you a few weeks to unpack everything, so make sure your important paperwork and most critical items are easily accessible and marked clearly. This will ease your transition into your new home.

Finally, when packing, label things well. Label not only what is in the box, but also what room it goes in. this makes it easier for your moving crew to correctly deposit your things in your new home, so your unpacking is as easy as possible.

2. Losing Your Moving Company Paperwork

When you sign a contract with a moving company, you will receive an official document called a bill of lading. This document outlines the terms of the move and is what you need should something go wrong along the way. Do not lose this document or pack it where it will be hard to retrieve quickly. You will need it as a reference if you have any problems or need to make a claim with the moving company. Consider having one folder that does not get packed where you place important documents like these to reference through the process.

3. Failing to Change Your Address

Before you move, make sure you register your change of address with the post office and most of your major billers. This could leave you in a lurch when an important bill doesn’t come to your new home. It only takes a moment to register a change of address with the post office, and this will ensure that your mail is forwarded, at least for the first few months, until you have time to make the address change official with the different companies you do business with. Thankfully, it only costs $1.05 to make this change, which you can easily do online, and you can set the dates you want forwarding to start. This helps you set it up early in the moving process and scratch one more thing off of your "to-do" list.

4. Procrastination

Putting things off will only make moving week more stressful. If you are a natural procrastinator, you must tackle this character issue early. Moving takes more time than you think it will at first.

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To avoid falling victim to this common mistake, start the moving process as soon as you’re sure that you are going to move. Use a checklist to get through the process, and start packing items you won’t be needing. If you are a packrat, take some time to declutter and get rid of some items before you start moving in earnest. Remember, everything you pack adds to the cost of your move, especially if you’re using a moving company, so unloading some unneeded and unwanted items early can help your move be more successful.

Even if you feel that you can’t start packing now, start early with other parts of the process. Don’t wait to hire movers, find a storage unit, plan for your address change, and start looking for doctors and utility providers in your new location. The more things you can do now, the smoother your transition will be, and the less risk you will have that the best movers or service providers will be already booked.

5. Not Utilizing a Storage Facility

Renting a storage unit can help you maximize the moving process, yet many people who are moving forget about this option. When you are trying to sell your home, find a storage facility near you to place items you aren’t actively using in a storage unit to keep the clutter at bay.

Self storage also lets you stash your stuff somewhere out of the way after you’ve packed up some boxes. This can make the moving process less stressful because you are not surrounded by towers of boxes. When your new home is ready, just take the moving truck to the storage unit and gather your things to move in. You can even do so in stages, so you don’t feel overwhelmed in the new space either.

Finally, storage units give you a safe place for your belongings if you have any delays between moving out of your existing home and moving into your new one. Closing delays, inspection problems, and even the need to wait for the existing occupants to leave can put you in limbo for a few days or works. With a unit to put your stuff in, you can wait patiently for all of the details to get in place.

Moving and storage can be a great combination. If you need to find and book a storage unit with minimal frustration, can help. Search for storage locations across the nation and book easily from the comfort of your home to make this particular moving task as stress-free as possible.

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