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Climate Controlled Storage – What is it?


Climate Controlled Storage – What is it?

Storing furniture, electronics, wine, or sport equipment? Then climate-controlled storage is what you need to protect them. Climate-controlled storage is pretty much self-explanatory – temperature and humidity levels within the storage unit are steadily maintained. It is especially recommended if you will be storing items in an area that is prone to extreme cold, humidity, or even heat. When renting self storage, your personal belongings can be subjected to a lot of different elements. There are sometimes issues with pests and insects or moisture buildup that can cause mold. If you want to avoid damage to your precious items, then climate-controlled storage is you best bet. It comes at a higher cost that regular self storage units but the cost is worth it in the end.

The added cost is justified since the self storage facility will be paying a higher electricity bill to maintain the temperature in these units. There is also additional technological equipment necessary to operate these units. Consider what it takes to ensure that hundreds of units have appropriate and accurate temperature levels that are maintained on a 24-hour basis. It certainly supports why it comes at a premium price. Here is a look at some items that are best stored in a climate-controlled environment:

Collectibles and antiques

You’ve likely already paid a lot to secure these valuable items. Why put them at risk in a self storage unit with unpredictable temperature levels? Whether you are storing these items for a long or short period of time, a temperature-controlled unit will ensure that they will be in the same condition as you when you first stored them. Some of these units have a humidity control option. When storing antiques, it is best to utilize this. Excessive moisture in the air may cause these unique items to crack or even rot. This is not the only potential problem. A lack of proper air circulation can also have a damaging effect on wood. It may dry out, crack, or even cause splinters. If you are thinking of reselling these antiques or just keeping them in your family for generations, then choose a climate-controlled self storage unit.

Media (CDs, DVDs, vinyls etc.)

Though most of our memories now live in the cloud, there are lot of reasons why you would want to protect the CDs and DVDs that you have collected over time. If you have vinyl records in your collection, then you shouldn’t even consider any other type of storage. Storing them in an area with high humidity or heat will most likely cause irreparable damage. A climate-controlled self storage unit has great air quality that will ensure that your music and movies will be around for decades to come.

Medical supplies and medication

Own a medical supply business? Or perhaps you have medication that you want to temporarily keep in a safe space. A climate-controlled self storage unit will keep these items free from dust and debris. They are located inside buildings that are well insulated. These types of units are less likely to attract rodents and insects, which you certainly wouldn’t want around your medication.

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If you’ve ever been in a home with a broken AC unit for an extended period of time, then you know that clothes are among the first set of items that are likely to attract mold. If you will be storing clothing in bags, it is especially important that you consider paying the extra costs to get a climate-controlled unit. Clothing items like lace and leather are especially susceptible to damage. These clothing items are also often expensive. It is well worth the extra investment in order to protect these pricey items.

Makeup and toiletries

When moving, it is not uncommon that you will have toiletries and other personal care items that will need a temporary storage space. After all, most of us don’t completely use up all these items before making a move. These are very delicate and require care when being stored. If toilet paper is stored in a humid environment, it will pretty much become unusable. A well-ventilated, climate-controlled unit will help to protect these personal care items until you are ready to use them again.

Do you really need a climate-controlled unit?

Even if you aren’t storing any of the above items, you can still benefit from renting a climate-controlled self-storage unit. These types of units don’t only protect from extreme heat or humidity, they are also designed to guard against the cold. The temperatures in these units can range from 55 to 85 degrees. If you will be storing items for a long period of time (several months or even years), then this is your best option. If you live in an area that experiences all four seasons, then you will want to ensure that are your items are safe throughout all of them. Expect to pay anywhere between 25% – 50% more than a regular self storage unit.

If your budget is limited and you plan on storing items for only a short period of time, then you may not need this type of storage options. In fact, you can ensure that you regularly open your self storage unit and allow some air to circulate to allow the built up humidity to get out. However, if your items have a high sentimental or monetary value, then you should definitely consider it.

Ready to rent a climate-controlled self storage unit? Look no further. We have a large variety of affordable climate-controlled self storage options to fit your needs. You are just a few clicks away from securing the peace of mind of renting a climate-controlled unit that will ensure protection for your belongings. You can search according to the location and size. Some units even come with humidity control. Take advantage of discounts that may be available for long-terms storage to help offset some of the extra costs. If you have any questions about climate-controlled self storage units, leave us a comment below. We’d be happy to help.

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